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Why is sitting for long periods not good for you?

Why sitting for long time is not good

In current office lifestyles, we often sit more than we move. However, the human body structure is designed for movement. Blood relies on movement for normal circulation. Nerves benefit from movement.

So what happens when the body is designed for movement but we sit a lot?

  1. With the typical sitting posture of slightly curved back and lowered shoulders, uneven pressure is placed on the spine. This can lead to erosion of spinal discs, overloading of tendons and joints.
  2. The chest cavity narrows when sitting, meaning the lungs have less room to expand when you breathe, limiting the amount of oxygen entering the lungs and blood.
  3. Sitting often causes pressure and compression on joints and tendons, reducing blood flow to the limbs, making it easy to get numbness in the hands and feet when sitting for long periods.
  4. Inactivity of enzymes that help break down fat in the blood means that when sitting, the body does not burn fat as effectively as when moving.
  5. We sit to work, using our brains, but when we sit too much, less movement slows blood flow and reduces oxygen levels in the blood from the lungs (2 important factors in maintaining alertness), so you will be less focused because the brain works more slowly.
  6. Research shows that prolonged sitting is closely related to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney and liver problems…
  7. Sedentary behavior causes about 9% of premature deaths each year, equivalent to 5 million people.

So this small habit affects health more than we think.
The solution here is simple.
Change your sitting posture from slouching or slumping to sitting straight and keeping your shoulders open (helping the lungs not to be narrowed when sitting, oxygen into the blood is better).
And let’s set an alarm for 30 minutes – 1 hour, get up and move a bit.

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