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Surely you’re familiar with Google’s famous web search tool, also known as “Google Search,” which today is the most popular search engine in the world.

However, Google is not just a search tool; it also provides a range of other services, including Google Cloud.

So, what is Google Cloud? To understand it better, let’s explore it together with AI Power in the following article.


Google Cloud, also known as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), was launched in 2008. Google Cloud allows individuals, organizations, businesses, and agencies to build, develop, and operate their applications on the software system created by Google.

Many popular applications used today, such as the Chrome browser, Google Maps, Google Apps, and YouTube channels, are all part of it.

GCP offers all essential services such as Big Data, Storage, Compute Engine, Networking, Management, Developer Tools, and Mobile. Therefore, businesses can focus on building applications without the need to spend on infrastructure management costs and human resources.

Moreover, one key difference that Google Cloud offers compared to other cloud services is its stable DataCenter system and extremely high data security, which protects user and customer data from unauthorized intrusion by technology hackers.


Source: Admin compilation