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Let’s explore 3 different classes of Digital Signature certificates with AI Power:

  1. Class 1: 
  • Not suitable for legal business documents as they are only authenticated based on email ID and username.
  • Class 1 provides basic security and is used in environments with low data breach risks.
  1. Class 2: 
  • Commonly used for submitting electronic tax documents, including income tax returns and goods and services tax declarations.
  • Digital signature Class 2 verifies the identity of the signer based on a pre-verified database. It is used in environments where the risks and consequences of data breaches are moderate.
  1. Class 3: 
  • This is the highest level of Digital Signature. Class 3 requires an individual or organization to present themselves before a certification authority to prove their identity.
  • Digital signature Class 3 is used for electronic auctions, e-procurement, electronic ticketing, court records, and other environments with high data threats or severe security consequences.


Source: Admin compilation